So Jeff, what's your story?

This wonderful web ensnared me very early on. April 1997 to be exact. No chance of escape either. I quit a super marketing job to start a web design & hosting biz. In designing websites for small business clients, I taught myself everything from html to Photoshop and never looked back. It also allowed me to fund my ideas, and here we are today!

My 3 step process to launching a website...

1. Content is King

Passions + Hobbies = Success

2. Deliver The Goods

Software? Youtube? Socials? App?

3. Monetize It

AdSense, Affiliate & Upsells.

Explained in just one sentence:
I earn a part-time or full-time income by creating & delivering captivating content on a topic I am passionate about.

Tools of the trade: LiquidWeb hosting | Dreamweaver | Photoshop | WS_FTP | Free stock images (Pixabay) | Google analytics & webmaster tools

Web Properties

Self-Help & Personal Development


Reason For Being: To present you with the ideas, tools, and strategies necessary to make smart, impactful, long-lasting life improvements. Seize the opportunity to live a better, more desirable, happier and fun life.

Love, Dating & Relationships


Reason for being: To present YOU with the ideas, tools and strategies to SIMPLIFY the complex and infinitely baffling nature of relationships. To do so, we will apply the infamous K.I.S.S. method in our quest for love and happiness. Yes, our goal is this: Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. How appropriate!

Repeating Numbers & Synchronicities


Reason For Being: To present you with illuminating thoughts, ideas and reasons for seeing 11:11 and experiencing synchronistic events. Unlock their true and deeper meaning. Seize the opportunity to discover the true nature of ourselves and our perceived, shared reality.

Auditory Processing Disorder


Reason For Being: To give YOU the ideas, tools, suggestions, and strategies necessary to stop struggling and start living. I look forward to sharing my personal stories and helping other adults and kids with APD get some answers from someone with APD.


US Elections

Who. Will. You. Vote. For?

Reason For Being: To present ALL Americans with the necessary information vital to making smart, well-informed decisions. Before you step into a voting booth, seize the opportunity to learn more about candidates, incumbents, and all the issues important to you in each election race!


Shop. Save Money. Earn Money.

Unlock an entirely new way to shop for safer, more effective, and affordable products that put you in control of the way you and your family live every day. Earn loyalty shopping dollar rewards too. Join the largest online wellness shopping club in North America. Since 1985. A+!!

Rave Reviews

A small handful of the testimonials I've received over 20 years...

"Your information is the Greatest! It is well written and very helpful. Thank You for all your help." - Patrick M.

"hi Jeff thankx for changing my life I've learnt alot from you 'THANK YOU 1000 TIMES'." - James

" is the best website ever. My absolute favorite!!" - Ann Nguyen

"I love your site. It is very informative. Thank you for making it." - Ernest Gabrys

"I haven't words to say you thanks. Your ideas / solutions are too good." - Atul

"Dear Mr. Jeff, Thanks for making me feel so good. it really works." - Prashant

"thank you very much for your help in given us very good information on way to live this life." - Tandrew

"Thank you very much. Your messages are inspiring me to live better." - Purushotham

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"An INCREDIBLE amount of information is available here, almost overwhelming! THANK U!" - Randy

"Thanks Jeff, you are awesome! Respectfully." - Ashley Thorpe

"Thanks a lot jeff. life would be so much harder without your website. :) Cheers" - Mohan Raj

"All your articles have been a source of inspirition and motivation kudos to you." - Henry O.

"Dear Jeff Cohen, You are simply good and great. You are a blessed soul. I wonder how you are allowing such an invaluable and life-changing material to doenload freely." - P. Veera Reddy

"Dear Mr. Jeff, All I see in your work is your love for humanity, and whatever you do in this manner is highly beneficial for the one who really reads with deep interest." - Charles Fernandes

"I want to thank you for the improvement tips you sent, believe me as i apply them they are gradually helping me make positive changes in my life. Once again thanks." - Stephen Richard